Mayflower 2020

California Mayflower Society

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“A message from Marcia Maloney, Governor of the CA Mayflower Society” Now that we know we will be sailing down Orange Grove Boulevard and Colorado Blvd on Jan 1, 2020, we need to pick up the pace on contributions.  I will be announcing our conditional acceptance and the Go Fund Me page in Chicago at the GSMD Board of Assistants meeting in September.

This GO-FUND me page is for contributing to the 2020 Rose Parade Float.

We are encouraging everyone to share the campaign on their Twitter and Facebook accounts with friends and family.  We are getting ready for a Parade!

Please note that we are also extending our Junior float design contest through next February to allow for an announcement closer to receipt of our official invitation after the 2019 parade is over.

I hope you enjoyed the last Mayflower Quarterly.  There is soooo much activity in the colonies.  It is exciting to see.  Keep up the good work.

Rose Parade Float 2020

We need volunteers for the critical Decorating Week between Christmas and New Years Day this year.  Perhaps all Southern CA colonies could arrange carpools for some shifts?  We have lots of volunteers for the prior week when dry decorating gets done.   Would love to have members from No. CA as well, but realize it might not be practical.  However, if some of you have family you will visit for holidays in So. CA this is a terrific opportunity to bring friends and family to help.

Please let the committee know of your availability by emailing:   And if there is anything I can do to help coordinate, please do not hesitate to email me. This will be great training opportunity and fun to prep for next year.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to work with those beautiful flowers and natural materials.

Marcia Maloney

August 2018