Programs Presented & Other News

Programs Presented at the San Joaquin Valley Colony

Jonathan Dickey gave a talk about “The story of Leiden: Our Separatist Ancestors”.  Jonathan is our new legal counselor for the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of California, Inc.  He is a member and officer in the Sequoia Colony, and a member of the Nevada State Society of the Mayflower Society.

Jonathan Dickey

Amy Farrell discussed armor and weapons of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Miles Standish compared modern life and philosophies with that of his ancestor, Myles Standish.

Jane Carman introduced us to many Societies that we may want to join related to the Mayflower and the early years of our Nation.

Ed Shakespeare gave us a very interesting portrayal of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Wheelwright, Bill Melton, talked about transportation in America from the 1750’s thru the 1800’s, showing us many tools of his trade when he rehabilitates wagons, carriages, and stagecoaches.

Roger Howland gave a talk on King Philip’s War.

Dr. Stephen Tootle spoke about the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Kathy Burrow told us how to utilize newspaper websites to do our research.

Judy Weaver gave a talk on an ancestor that fought at Gettysburg.  His very descriptive journal is displayed at the museum in Gettysburg.

Two of our nine Charter Members who started our Colony in 1974 are pictured below, Priscilla Ketscher & Betty Dearing.  Each Charter Member received a Stanley London Commemorative Box.  Seven other Charter Members were also recognized at our last meeting, their names are; Sally Bledsoe, Martha Cosart LaLannne, Ruby Jeter, Harriet Lipp, Joan Roden, Merrill Stuart and Charles Wadhams.

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Dr. Matthew S. Bowdish M.D., a member of the Mother Lode Colony, and Surgeon of the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of California, gave a presentation on early medical practices before, during, and after the time of the Pilgrims.  Dr. Bowdish discussed bloodletting, cupping, the four humors and urine analysis.  Bloodletting is believed to have evolved thousands of years ago in Egypt.  It went on to be practiced essentially world-wide.  It was thought that all illness stemmed from an overabundance of blood. This overabundance was cured by bloodletting.  Cupping, which is still practiced today, also evolved thousands of years ago.  This practice involves placing a heated glass cup on your body which creates a vacuum.  It is believed this vacuum removes harmful substances and toxins from your body. Hippocrates, of the Hippocratic Oath fame, is believed to have developed the theory of the four humors.  The four humors are blood, yellow bile, black bile and phlegm.  When the four humors are balanced you are in a state of “eucrasia,” or good health. When they are unbalanced you are in a state of “dyscrasia,” or poor health.  Urine analysis was also practiced in the ancient world and during the era of the Pilgrims.  This involved diagnosing urine based upon its color and sometimes taste.  In terms of medical practices, be thankful you didn’t live during the time of our Pilgrim ancestors.

Durando Family: 3 Generations of Mayflower Descendants Decorate 2020 Mayflower Rose Parade Float

Diane Durando said, “When we signed up we did not realize that this was the last 8 hour shift for decorating and that the judging was the next morning at 8 am … This was a great family experience that we will remember and treasure forever.”

L – R: Eileen Price, Charlotte Price, Jim Durando, Crispin Price & Diane Durando